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The main characteristic of our furniture is its stable construction. Made of noble, aged, solid wood, protected against external factors, will serve for years. They are beautiful and durable, so they do not have to be replaced by new ones after a short period of time.To protect them we use stains, wax, oils that don’t release toxins or other harmful substances. We use only natural impregnates which do not cause allergic reactions or damage the environment.

The older the wood the more beautiful it becomes.Therefore, we never get bored with well-designed and well-made furniture. It is timeless and always in fashion. They can be refreshed and renewed over and over again. In the case of oiled or waxed furniture, it is even possible to change the coloring.

How it's made?

All furniture made by Spolka Meblowa are HANDE MADE. They have individual characteristics within the same model, so each table is different.


Furniture made of solid wood is impregnated, dyed to protect the material against pests, fungi and dirt.

The most important cleaning principles are:

- To avoid kitchen detergents, silicone waxes, anti-dust sprays and powders, that can draw the surface of furniture.

- Regularly remove dust from wood furniture, using first damp cloth, and then soft dry duster.

- Once in a while refresh oiled furniture using special oil.

- Once in a while, after treatment refresh waxed furniture with a special wax.

- Caution! Every next oil or wax layer applied on furniture may cause minimal change its color.

- Avoid contact with hot, cold or wet object, and all dirt, try to remove as soon as possible.

- One factor which users pay little attention is changing humidity in our homes and apartments. The best humidity level for us and our furniture is around 50%. In Poland, on rainy days, this ratio may be greater than 70% while in winter, in well heat apartments only 20%.

- Avoid excessive heat in your apartment and take care of proper humidification - even for your own health.


1. All products of Spółka Meblowa are covered by a 12 (twelve) month warranty beginning from the date of purchase.

2. The warranty is valid on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

3. The warranty covers the construction durability and stability, agreed dimensions, type of wood and method of finishing.

4. The ordering party is obliged to control whether the product is compatible with the order directly after receiving it. Defects found after unpacking should be immediately reported to Spółka Meblowa.

5. In case of a suspicion of damaging the package or the damaging the goods during transport please follow the procedure:

a. after receiving the package check the condition of the packaging in the presence of the courier;

b. if the goods are found damaged or lost prepare a proper protocol together with the courier and send a scan to Spółka Meblowa.

6. The warranty should be bonded in writing with a detailed description of the damage and pictures if any.

7. In a case of a justified complaint, the product will be repaired or replaced with a new one. Spółka Meblowa decides about the validity of the complaint and the method of answering to the warranty claim.

8. The ordering party should allow for the warranty repair of furniture.

9. If the ordering party does not allow for the repair of furniture, it is deemed he/she has resigned from the rights under the foregoing warranty.

10. The ordering party should immediately submit a written claim to Spółka Meblowa after he/she notices any defect. Faulty products should be delivered to Spółka Meblowa on the territory of the Republic of Poland or sent to the address indicated by Spółka Meblowa together with freight and insurance paid by the sender, as well as an attached description of the reason the product is returned. If Spółka Meblowa aknowledges the complaint, it shall return the repaired product or cover previously agreed costs of product delivery from the registered office of the ordering party to the place indicated by Spółka Meblowa.

11. If the product is delivered through a carrier, the ordering party should submit a detailed description of the damage together with additional information on how the product got damaged and pictures, if any.

12. The faulty product should be properly secured for transportation.
The ordering party is responsible for transportation. Spółka Meblowa is not responsible for any damage
during transport, particularly resulting from improper packaging or not securing the products by the ordering party.

13. Spółka Meblowa is not obliged to deliver replacements for the time of repair.

14. If the furniture damage cannot be removed or its removal could decrease the quality of furniture, the complaint can be resolved, at the consent of the ordering party, by lowering the price of the furniture but in this case, the ordering party loses any rights resulting from the warranty.

15. Spółka Meblowa is not responsible for any differences in colour, in structure of wood or veneer, grain pattern, bend, discolouration, distribution of holes after pests. Any cracks and growth rings, which are part of the furniture unique character are not covered by the warranty. They are characteristic of natural materials and their origin. They emphasize their uniqueness and shall not be covered by the warranty. Wood is a natural product that is highly irregular due to the natural conditions, in which the tree has been growing therefore, furniture made of the same type of wood may differ.

16. Wood changes its volume with the change of air humidity, which may lead to the occurrence of cracks, distortions or dimension discrepancies. Oil surfaces may seem uneven. The foregoing properties do not constitute the product’s faultiness and are not a basis for a complaint and claims to the extent of the product and its manufacturer.

17. Spółka Meblowa is not responsible for damages caused by wrong exploitation and assembly of furniture, as well as due to the natural wear of its elements during normal use.
In particular, Spółka Meblowa is not responsible for mechanical damages, due to overheating (too high temperature), freezing (too low temperature), permanent or occasional humidity, water or other liquids, as well as other conditions, which do not comply with the rules of using furniture. Damages resulting from improper use, maintenance or direct contact with fire or a hot object, excessive overload or wrong storage conditions are also not covered by the warranty.

18. Changes caused by natural aging processes (change of colour, shine of wood and coating, smoothness), as well as those connected with direct sunlight, smoke and the like are not considered a fault.

19. The situation where the growth rings in the adjoining boards do not meet is also not covered by the warranty.

20. Any modifications should not be performed on your own otherwise, the warranty will be lost.

21. The complaint is not a basis for withholding the payment for furniture.

22. Spółka Meblowa is liable for the effects of product damages based on the respective regulations but is not responsible for any situations not covered by the foregoing regulations. Therefore, the company waives any responsibility for the effects of product damages not indicated by the law but pursuant to the legal practice connected with indemnification. Spółka Meblowa is not responsible for any loses in the operating activities, loss of profit or other indirect loses caused by the faulty products.

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